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FixAssist VAST Bundle

4.240,00 €excl. VAT
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This product bundle contains

FixAssist VAST linear, incl. tool kit.

Probe system alignment device FixAssist VAST linear, to hold a MT/VAST probe changer adapter plate while mounting a probe system and to align the probe system precisely around the CMM Z-axis as well as a horizontal axis. Including tool kit for mounting probe systems. Weight: 19.15 kg.

product type
Set-up Device

Product bundle for setting stylus systems.

  • 626109-9120-100 FixAssist x1
  • 626109-9170-000 Adapterset for knuckle joints x1
  • 600667-9611-000 Vast Adapter plate Set (2 pc) x1

Product note

Restriction: this FixAssist cannot be used for VAST XTR.

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