ZEISS REACH CFX® 3, M5 Pro is an extension with a special carbon fiber which is used in applications with high requirements in stiffness and stability. This carbon fibre has an higher tensile strength than standard carbon fibres and the tube have a special winding that was developed precisely to meet the requirements of measuring technology and ensures the best possible performance of the machine. REACH CFX® 3 extensions are the perfect extension for high-performance measurements with high demands on the measuring accuracy while simultaneously achieving high scanning speeds. This is demonstrated by a considerably better reproducibility compared to metal and low-price carbon fibre extensions. Compared to ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 the CFX® 3 extensions features considerably better rigidity and can be used with the same accuracy at a higher scanning speed. ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 extensions have the perfect price-performance combination in carbon fibre extensions. Compared to the CFX 3 version, the ZEISS REACH CFX® 3, M5 Pro also has pins through which the extension can be reproducibly mounted. These alignment pins ensure that twisting (e.g. due to a collision) can be excluded even in serial measurement.

To ensure that you always measure with the highest possible accuracy, ZEISS will no longer sell aluminum and titanium extensions with L30 mm. With the new ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 carbon fiber extension, you get better performance with a consistent investment. ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 recommended for: ZEISS ACCURA, ZEISS PRISMO, ZEISS PRISMO fortis, ZEISS PRISMO verity and comparable CMMs

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